Thursday, December 24, 2015


Christmas with my family (well grandma, parents and my partner) is tomorrow, and then we have Christmas with my partner's family the next day,...

I am still wrapping presents, sealing a wood-burned and painted peice,
Considering starting a new wood-burned piece i meant to have done,
Going to try to save one painted project i started that hasn't gone so well...

Yep, and the only thing keeping me going is caffeine (both pills and coffee) yet now I'm starting to nod off... oh dear.

Also want to re-try making my dad Carmel corn (i messed up last nights batch... *Do not put extra baking soda in**... not even if it looks like correct measurement went in as a clump and won't mix in.. adding extra messes up the texture big time.

And i want to make a healing salve or at least mix for my mom using my comfrey oil.

I wonder how much of this i will manage to finish as i am not feeling so hot while trying to work away at all this.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DIY Gifts

I have been working away like mad this week on a couple DIY gifts for people. I should have started then ages ago but with outside looking an feeling like early fall rather that winter like it should be here  in ontario I never felt in the Christmas sprite so gifts didn't come to mind till I looked at the calendar horrified that Christmas was less than a week away. Because of all this I have photos to share of my work, only teasers this moment as I am still overwhelmed by what I still need to do (an not all in photos is even done.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Getting my shop filled up.

At this time of the year there always seems to be so much to do and with trying to get my etsy shop ready for possible holiday shoppers it becomes just that much more important to be on my game, granted that i never really am that much but i shall try haha.

Getting a bunch of pre-made jewelery listed and all nicely packaged up in a manner that keeps everything nicely organized. The jewelery is a mix of my work and my mothers in fact though each piece is listed as who made it. I if i get to it might also be listing some custom wood-burned bamboo cutting boards once i do up one for a family member i can use as an example piece.

For now it will just be the jewelry until i get more in the shop, the shop is as this blog is named Shell4you
of you can click this link :

If you like my stuff or want to be able to see what else i add from time to time be sure to like
my Facebook Page:

I think i might also get into infants and children's photo props if i can think of some good ones and find that there is any demand localy, as the one's i'm thinking of might not be cost effective to ship but time will tell.

Hope whoever you are reading this is having a good day.

Will likely be adding more throughout the week, keep an eye out.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Green and Zebra print

A High school friend of mine and his wife are expecting their first child and I think I am getting out all my pent up “OMG BABY ... soon” out of me. I think here I should admit I am going a little over board seeing as I haven’t seen him in years (though often chat online) and have yet to ever meet her, but I am not saying it’s a bad thing just ending up loosening the purse strings some. The coming of the baby has inspired me and has started me on many projects. At first I thought I would make everything I was giving them and with the sex known until the birth it was forcing me to find a way to make unisex items somehow personal seeming and I found just the trick!

Zebra print, the mother to be I asked a few questions and she stated she loves zebra print and bing bang boom that did it for me, something I could add a touch of to most anything that still remained rather gender neutral, add in a bunch of pale green flannel with brown poke-a-dots and I have a combo that is not only gender neutral but something I can still like the look of and even enjoy (other fabrics are now also being added in but that was the start of my inspiration).

Since then I have not only bought supplies to make some items I didn’t have the parts for at home (and of course I couldn’t just buy the parts to make one or two when it seemed so much more economical to buy enough to make 25-50 between shipping and bulk pricing (so should be getting those extras once made into my etsy shop) but I have also bought an infant toy from our local and awesome toy store “Jester’s Fun Factory” and a few outfits from a local consignment store.

In the midst of all this the mommy to be sent me a message letting me know my having asked about animal prints she liked has inspired her to move from a basic green nursery room to a jungle or safari theme baby room, well that once again got my thoughts going.

I will try to remember to take photos of all I will be giving her when I see her (hopefully before little one shows up) and then even better remember to show them on here but as it stands I believe the gift bag will go as such:

-Gift bag itself is a reusable shopping bag that just so happens to be zebra print (I have had it for years but my hunny refuses to use it since it is so bright seeming so I figure I will wrap the items up in a usable bag that might find a better home this way anyways.
-Clothing Dividers for closet (jungle animal prints) handmade to organize different sizes of baby/toddler clothes will be able to make usable for child years to with extra size stickers hopefully.
- Handmade infant bibs (following the green and zebra print theme, along with others)
-Handmade bigger bib if I can figure out a pattern.
-Diaper pouch handmade (green/zebra) should be able to hold 2diapers and wipes pack or 3+diapers alone
-Hand sewn reversible baby slippers in a few sizes and fabrics
- Key Fob/wristlet (black/zebra print)
- Key Fob/wrist-let (black/green flannel)
-Paci clips (variety including zebra)
-2paci’s (had to buy to figure out sizing for clips leash if a button style paci was used)
-New store bought infant toy (happens to have a decent amount of black/white stripes on it)
-2New born outfits one really girly one really boyish
-a unisex jumper
-and a few odds and ends clothing items and other toys found at consignment shop (mostly for 9months plus including some really nice “children’s place” dark green running shoes for when learning to walk that could easily be for a boy or girl and were in brand new shape.

I think that’s it ha-ha. See I said I kind of went a little nutty about it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

re-use hehe

So i have been looking at so many DIY projects today, and wanted to share some of mine but that doesnt really fit on this blog, and even less on my chronic endometriosis pain blog.

I considered starting a second blog for projects but i rarely update the two i already have so instead i will start posting DIY and house and home stuff in here along with etsy related items.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Spoon theory Part 1

On the website you can read about the "spoon theory". It really hits home to anyone living in pain or with an illness that is constant.

Today i randomly came across some items made out of spoons while looking for a gift. Then i started a spoon inspired hunt. All things that someone who knows and finds meaning in the spoon theory might love. Something that would be a conversation starter that would lead into the spoon theory, or simply give them comfort on days where your spoons seem to have left you.

These items are all items i found on etsy, and if you copy and paste the website URL's listed you can find out more about each item and who made them or how.

Assyrian Head Spoon Bracelet Antique Silverplate Handmade:
Narcissus Spoon Bracelet Earrings and Pendant Set:
Antique Silver Spoon Ring with Daffodil Floral Pattern:

Zimple Spoon Bangle Bracelet:
Original Unique Oil Painting Spoon Kitchen Chef Art 10x10 inch:
vintage spoon earrings:
Sterling Silver and Swaroski Crystal Spoon Pendant:
Silver Spoon Jewelry Bracelet Recycled Spoons Sodalite Bead Custom Size:

Spoon Heart Pendant:
Food and Exercise Diary or Tracker:
WEDDING Bell BLUES Necklace:
Oh So Cute Black Walnut Wooden Sugar/Salt Spoon:
OWL SPOON - STEAM PUNK Necklace - Miniature COSMIC SPOON Clockworks:

Mansion House Vintage Heirloom Sterling Silver Spoon Ring:
Spoon Bowl I Love You Key Chain:
Signed MELROSE Vintage Gorham Sterling Spoon Ring:
Wholesale LOT 18 Fun ky Spoon Hooks:
winters song / spoon collage necklace:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

First Etsy listing!

How very exciting to me!Randomly though, it is not something I tend to make/do often really though. It’s a wood burned box, and I don’t wood burn that often for a few reasons. First being that getting the boxes to burn, that are not damaged is sometimes rather tricky, second it can take ages and ages to do a wood burning and if you mess up its nearly impossible to correct. Thirdly and the biggest one likely is, until recently (since after we moved) in order to be able to function without often jumping from pain, I had to be on certain medications, well those medications make me a little slow to notice things (like if I set down the wood burner on something flammable, if I have my hand to close to the tip thus burning myself, if I hold the tip against wood to long and therefore destroy my work).

Since we moved it has also been summer, and creating heat while it is already hot seems somewhat backwards, that and I have no boxes to burn at the moment.

I have however been learning and making baby booties like crazy. They are felt and will range from size 1-size 8 I believe (0-3months up until a few years) for the not yet walking age group they are made of felt with a single layer for the sole, for the older babes there will be a double felt sole to add comfort. They are in no way walking shoes but are cute! And they work to keep the feet warm and comfy for a baby and as a slipper or comfy shoe in the older little ones.

I have yet to list any of them online since I want to list them in pairs, because I am guessing the cost to ship 2 is the same as the cost to ship one and I want to list them at a good price, and when you factor in the costs for listing, and then using pay pall it makes more since I believe to sell 2 pairs for 15 rather than even 1 pair for 10. I will figure it out eventually. I should mention that my logic only applies I think for 0-12 month sized booties. I will figure it out.

One thing I must get working on is a newborn outfit for an old high school friend, her baby is due in 5 weeks I believe and my plan is to send her an outfit and booties so she can take loads of pics of her little girl in them, so I can have pics of her in some of the designs I use, that my other model (my niece) is far too big for now. (Even with my altered pattern I made this past winter to make it possible she could have at least one dress using that design).

Anyways, signing off since I am now busy making dinner, yes at 1:45 am. This is what happens when your significant other is working afternoon shift.